Myths About HAMPI

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I was in Mumbai and I always wanted to visit Hampi and finally I got the chance to go there is something really magical about this Place that cannot be described in words.
We arrived early in the morning so first, we had to find a place to stay there are two places that you can stay in Hampi. The bazaar which is in the village in Virupaksha Temple or among the green rice field across the river. The only way across the river is through the boat which runs from sunrise to sunset. There is a no quick way to Hampi you either have to take an overnight bus or all day train from Bangalore and Mangalore but it’s worth the effort. Nature and the environment will make you fall in love with it. And you can never get bored with this kind of views.

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To get to know about Hampi we took a tour with amazing in GoMowgli they run India’s first ever hop off, hop on the backpacker bus and exploring the state of Karnataka. This tour gave me more understanding about Hampi and our guide jaggu showed us some secret places as well. It’s has a history inhabited as back as 10,000years ago we also saw some ancient rock painting you can see after you splashed some water on the rock. By that, you can understand it has a long history. Our next stop was Virupaksha Temple the must-see place in Hampi you can’t miss the tall gopuram dominates the dusty little Hampi Bazaar. The Virupaksha Temple is famous it was the place that God Shiva and Parvati were married there is a little underground secret temple unusual because it is dedicated to both Shiva and Vishnu you can also get a blessing from Lakshmi the temple elephant (if you give her 10 rupee note) you can also watch Lakshmi gets her daily bath in river each morning.

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We climbed and Jumped across the rock and discovered another secret (thousand of Lingas carved in the rocks and on another side is the Nandi that looks side of river guarding Shiva Lingas It’s really impossible to explore the Hampi in one day there are many another place you can see as well by being in Hampi so you should definitely visit once for a wonderful experience of your life.


It’s all about Mangalore

When it comes to Tourism Mangalore or Mangaluru is one tiny city in Karnataka. In this one speck of city we have everything that one look for a vacation destination- beaches, culture, foods and fun. If you are a tourist and are going to visit Mangalore you have many place that you can go. Starting right in the early morning going for a walk in Gandhi Park is a buzz of activity at this early hour you can burn some calories you will get energized and be ready for a long kick start day. Early morning breakfast is really necessary and Udupi hotel is the best its old heritage and has been around for a long time. Apart from your regular favourite like /Dosa/Idli/Upma you can try the local dishes like Mangalore Buns, Goli Bajje and Podis with a strong coffee.

You can spend you morning by going to religious places like Temples, Churches and mosques or you can drive to Pilikula about 12km from the city Pilikula means Ponds of Tiger in Tulu it’s the major local language spoken other language spoken are understand by the people are Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu. It’s an eco-friendly tourism development by district administration of Karnataka. It also has a boating center Amusement park etc. Now lets go for a good lunch off to Village Restaurant which is famous for its Sea foods. For starters you may order rava fry, silver fish, crab masala fry, chicken ghee roast. For veg can’t guide you with anything. For main course you may try Kori Rotti, neer dosa and chicken Kundapuri. Food is incomplete without desert and ice cream are best from ideal or Pabbas. Nowhere in world you will get such huge and tasty ice-cream at low prices. And if you are planning to visit during the festival time you could see kambala (Buffalo Race) and Huli Vesha(Tiger Dance).

Now its almost afternoon and it’s the best time to spend time at beach and when it comes to beach you have a lot of options my personal favourite is Someshwar there are many beaches but today we are going to Kaup Beach we can build sand castle or fly a kite or watch the sun going down while you reflect on life. And if you are planning to visit a pub before dinner you can go Drunken Monkey or Liquid Lounge for dinner we are going to Ocean Pearl it has been around for long time. Now its time to call it a day a perfect-day I hope you will enjoy visiting Mangalore.

Ice Creams Nice Dreams

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During hot summer the way to relax our self is through Ice-cream, Fruit Juice, salads or either sitting in front of the Ac. After we have lunch or dinner we always want to have something cold we either eat mangoes or desserts like Ice-cream and in summer dinner is not over until you eat a bowl of ice-cream. And the Ice-cream that I am talking about is very popular in the coastal area of Karnataka its originally from Udupi-Mangalore the dish is one stomach full or should I say mouth full. In my childhood whenever I used to go Mangalore it was a compulsory rule that I used to make plan with my friends and cousin going to Kaup, Udupi and visit Ideal Ice-cream or Diana to globe down this heavenly delightful Gadbad Ice-cream.

It has different types of sauce like Strawberry, Mango and Melba sauce it also has different fruits in it such as Pineapple, Mango, Chikoo and Strawberry they also have chopped dry fruits and nuts like Almonds, Dates, cashew nuts, Pistachios, Walnut, Dry Grapes Badams to decorate. The glass itself is unique in which they serve the Ice-cream. You find it completely different from other ice-creams with taste look and style as well. The people who are not from Mangalore would also know about this Ice-cream has it has become very much famous everywhere those who come from different city also try it atleast once.

I personally don’t like It much but my friends and cousins love it so whenever we go to Ice-cream parlor they always order it an keep on showing and telling Ee Deg teenpuja ma (it means why don’t you eat it Tulu) But still sometimes I to try it. Because it fun to eat Ice-cream with them remembering old memories is really fun. That the most good thing and most happening memories of my life eating cold Ice-cream and chilling with my buddies. You can also make the Gadbad at home as well it is easily to make it. And enjoy this wonderful treat with your family on the hot summer. This is the best dessert as well which you can try.

Mangalorean Speciality

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In our childhood the most common chicken dish that we were aware of was Kori Rotti/Ghassi and Chicken Sukka. After that we got to know about other dishes as time passed. As I am writing Blog on Mangalore it would be completely impossible without mentioning this dish. The dish we are talking about is one of the authentic curry in Mangalore. Kori means Chicken in Tulu and Ghassi means curry or gravy and Rotti is crispy made of rice which is healthy as well. Some people traditionally prepare it in home but it need lot of patience and practice.

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As the receipe it is really simple it would be more tasty if you prepare it in the traditional way some people prepare it with Nati koli as it gives it actual punch. But I personally prefer broiler chicken. One more thing we should not compromise ghee and butter with oil. As we reheat it the curry becomes thicker so add water to adjust the salt. If you think that the curry has become more spicy you can add Coconut Milk. The Ghassi can be served with many other dishes also like naan,rottis or dosa.Eating Kori Rotti is a messy business and it has a unique way of eating it as well and you can’t use spoons for it. I can eat Kori Rotti everyday. It is also most famous dish World Wide.

if you are attending any wedding or any functions you would definitely find Kori Rotti there it is the most common dish that you can find in a South Indian functions. This spicy dish is finger leaking good. As my experience of eating Kori Rotti is like on every Sunday when my Amma makes this delicious dish with Kori Sukka as well it make all of our day. For all the chicken lover you must all try it atleast once. All my non Mangalore friends really love the dish and they always ask me to tell my Amma to make it and bring it for them. As my Amma makes it in traditional way so it make it more tasty that why me and my friends love it so much. All the persons who are big lovers of Mangalore food should definitely try it.

Gods Land

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You may have visited many temple but as I visited Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya was really great and I finally got the chance to go there again so this was my second visit to the holy place the plan was made suddenly to visit. We have train as well but road is a better may to go were you can also look at the nature and enjoy the cool breeze on your way as well. From Mangalore to Dharmasthala is about 75.2km and kukke is about 105.7km. As per the traditions if you are planning to visit there you should first visit Dharmasthala and then Kukku Subramanya.

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There is no chance of getting lost on the way as there are direction boards on the road The temple is at headquarters kangra district in India. Large no of devotees every year come to visit the temple so the queue to go inside is also really big it takes some time to see the god. But it is worth the wait there are some ritual’s which they follow real strictly that man and kids are not allowed to enter the temple with any cloth on the body. There is also a Sri Manjunatheshwara research and cultural foundation which is started by the temple committee preserving ancient painting and collection of vintage cars. We also went to see the bahubali statue which was like wow but it is little far from Dharmasthala.

From there we started our Journey to kukke Subramanya before entering the temple we have to cross the Kumaradhara River and take a holy dip .we have to enter the doorway through the back between the sanctorum and Portico entrance there is Garuda pillar covered with silver. Its is also said that the idol of Shri Subramanya is self oriented and the uniqueness of the temple is that the idol is facing east and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is facing west in a single image. The temple also provided free lunch everyday for all devotees. While exploring the market near the temple I brought some photographs of the idol. And it was really a great trip and I hope to visit it again.

Monsoon Spice

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Since the day I saw Goli baje I couldn’t stop to make it my all time favourite tea time snack. It is also know with other name as Mangalore bajji it is a Indian fried food made from different ingredients in Tulunad Goli baje is very much loved and famous street food in the south. Its would be easily available in all the restaurant at any time of the day. I remember the day when me and my Cousins used to make plans and save money just to go and eat Goli baje with slurping “Beecha Beecha kaapi” (it means hot cup of coffee in tulu) and big plate of goli baje and beecha beecha gossips.. and remembering good old memories. Those wonderful time I spend with my cousins while slurping hot cuppa and goli baji is always be remembered and that can be always created with them which is the best part of my life. And storing them in the form of photos to remember those wonderful time.

Traditionally this bajji are served with Coconut chutney and I like with that but some people love it with ketchup as well so we don’t even need any side dish with it people who are into spicy food and really want to enjoy your breakfast you should definitely try it atleast once. During my childhood as I used to visit Mangalore whenever we use to go to restaurant we only used to order Goli baje. The ingredients used in it are also very simple and we can easy prepare it in our house as well it is the perfect snacks that we can eat during winter season with family and friends it is unique in its own way and so much different from many other dishes that why it is loved by everyone. You cannot find it easily in Mumbai as there are many Udupi restaurant here as well but you hardly find any of them who would have them in their menu. If you see it you are really lucky to find it and you should definitely go for it.

The land of Shiva

As my hobby is to visit Mangalore every year and this year also I visited my hometown but while on my journey I had not made any specific plan of going any where but as soon i reached my home. My cousins had already planned something a road trip to Murdeshwar Temple which is in the state of Karnataka. And the next morning our road trip to Murdeshwar begin with full of energy which started from kaup-Tumkur-Davangere-Yellapur-Ankola and finally reached Gokarna. One who are great temple lovers should surely visit Gokarna Which is also famous for the World second largest Shiva statue the town also lies on the coast of Arabian Sea and it is dedicated to the Sri Lokankara and a 20stories gopura is constructed at the temple it also has its own railway station on Mumabai-Mangalore konkan Route.

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Murdeshwar is a 90km and 1.5hr drive from Gokarna as you reach there you can see the magnificent 125 feet tall Shiva statue awaits you the Gokarna is also about 237feet big and has a Ganesha deceiving Ravana in front of the Shiva’s Idol. The best time to visit the temple is during evening at sunset to see Shiva in orange background with that orange light adding beauty to the already spectacular scene. You can also reach top of the Gopuram through help of the lift and have a great view from there as well. They also provide food to all the devotees from 12to 2 everyday and the food is also really tasty.

While exploring the city we also went to the Mahabaleshwar temple which also has a Atma linga kept few feet underground it was saved by Ganesha and worshipped for immortality from Ravana. The Shiva’s idol is such that it gets the sunlight directly through the sun and it appears more sparkling. There is a beautiful beach as well were you can spend you time and enjoy different water sports activities like Scuba-diving which attracts more tourist as well along with the beautiful Shiva’s statute. So although it was a beautiful trip that I took with my cousins worth remembering and also made a lot of memories which will remain forever. So make time and surely visit the temple.